The AGW National Council oversees AGW business and is responsible for advocacy and action at a national level.

The Council consists of the following four Office Bearers:

  • National Council
    Professor Jaya Dantas
  • National Council
    Alison Hayden
  • National Council
    Professor Shirley Randell

Three elected National Council members were appointed at the AGM in November 2019, they are:

  • Dr Jocelyn Eskdale
  • Professor Kerry Ferguson
  • Carol Little

Representing our National Alliances are:

  • Dr Jane Baker and Dr Jenny Strauss at ERA (Equality Rights Alliance)
  • Dalma Jacobs and Professor Shirley Randell at eS4W (economicSecurity4Women)

Australian Graduate Women Inc. places the highest priority on providing financial assistance for women to undertake university studies. AGW links women across Australia in friendship, cooperation, understanding with each other - and networks of women graduates worldwide. AGW works through Graduate Women International (GWI) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. We work with women graduates across all cultures, all fields of study, all professions and all generations. AGW works to empower women and girls through lifelong education for leadership, decision-making and peace. AGW was first formally registered in September 1922.