Referees Guidelines for AGW Fellowships 2024

We understand you have agreed to act as a referee for an AGW Fellowship applicant and are familiar with her application. We would appreciate it if references could, as far as possible, address the following items:

  1. How long, and in what capacity/ies have you known the applicant?
  2. To what extent and how valuably does the proposal put forward in the application meet the purpose of the Fellowships by extending the scope and/or nature of the applicant’s existing PhD program?
  3. Is the proposed project feasible in terms of time and budget?
  4. Academic merit and research capacity. We already have transcripts of the past academic performance of the applicant, but in terms of her current performance at PhD level, and in comparison to other PhD students you have supervised or examined, in what percentile would you place the applicant? If you prefer not to do a comparative ranking, please give a general evaluation of the applicant’s academic merit and research capacity.
  5. Do you consider the applicant to have potential for (a) completing the PhD and (b) maintaining a continuing research career?
  6. Are you in a position to comment on any difficulties the applicant faces in pursuing her studies?

Your reference must be sent to the AGW Fellowships Officer at before midnight AEST Friday, 8 March 2024, which is the closing date for Applications.

The Australian Graduate Women Inc. Fellowships are open to women who, being Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia, are enrolled for a PhD degree by research in any discipline at an Australian university.

Thank you for your assistance,

Fellowships Officer, Australian Graduate Women